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Welcome to Visualeyess. We are a team of professional wedding photography and cinematography available to cover prestigious weddings and events.


The way we work is natural, happy and creative, focusing on spontaneous moments and real emotions.

Our destination wedding photography and cinematography teammates share the same vision, discipline and professional approach. We as a team also share our love for travel and enthusiasm to capture real love stories around the world!

While always looking for a new perspective in a beautiful way, all our photos are treated with care and creative touch. We have photographed weddings all across India.

Our Production house is located in Bangalore, with state of the art studio where we do fashion and product photography as well.






One of the most powerful medium for communication, a Corporate video is an opportunity that effectively integrates business ideas and propositions with the power of moving visuals. A dynamic medium, Corporate videos have over the years proved to be most effective in engaging the target audience as it captures the true spirit of a company or product. Showcasing a product or business in motion within its ecosystem engages the audience nearly 250% more than static images or text. A Corporate video is a visual medium that animatedly communicates the business objectives of a company or brand through creative use of graphics, sound, imagery and technology to leave long lasting impact on the viewer’s mind.


A business is always about its people. Life at work is a potpourri of diverse cultures and a medley of happenings and incidents on any given day. But that is what makes a business real. Real businesses are about real people and employees are amongst the closest stakeholders of a company. Capturing candid moments at a workplace in a Candid Corporate Video is the best way to bring out the true spirit of an organization and showcase the lighter and people side of a business.


Corporate events are integral part of corporate life. Whether the events are for internal stakeholders such as management and general staff or external for consumers and other stakeholders, these events are the perfect opportunity for a business to engage with its various target groups. It can be used for branding and for promotional purposes. A Corporate Event video is the perfect medium that not only serves as a moving record of happenings, but creativity and strategy used in producing one can become an engaging experience in a brand’s promotional campaigns. Making your corporate event video viral allows for the audience at large to get an insight into your brand or business, generating interest in future participation.


Every brand tells a story and a great story is one that is told well. Have you ever encountered a product and wondered what its purpose was or how it is to be used or how it works? A great product video or an Explanatory video does just that. An explanatory product video is typically produced to showcase a specific product in its environment. Animatedly demonstrating the product’s features, uses and advantages in a creatively produced video is not only more informative but improves consumer engagement as it enhances aspirational values by showcasing an alternate lifestyle choice. By adding a call to action at the end helps generating instant reaction from the intended audience.


Fueling emotion and life into a brand and making many a small thing into something large are Ad Films. A sophisticated communication tool, ad films can be made by perfectly integrating innovation, art, creative content and technology to create an entire lifestyle around a brand. The medium is the ideal way to promote a brand and its ethos, thereby carving a distinct identity for the brand, engaging the target audience, and opening up opportunities within which to promote the usefulness of the brand or product being promoted. Improve your brand loyalty, connect with the consumer, develop your own niche with creative ad films.


A product video is an informative video that is generally produced to provide a detailed description of a given product. Since the concept revolves entirely around the product, a product video serves as an ideal medium to effectively demonstrate product description, advantages, purpose, etc. and build enhance brand building. Detailed descriptions showcased in product videos have been found very useful in improving conversions and boosting product sale. Most retailers and businesses consider Product videos as a vital component of their marketing collateral.


Editing is a technical tool applied to break down multiple sections of a film and then piece it together in a manner that makes the story relevant, coherent, engaging and captivating for the viewer. Purposeful jumps, fast-paced cutting and montage techniques enhance the creativity of a film, thus impacting the final output of a video. Editing can mean a complete overhaul or restructuring of a video film or just putting on the gloss.

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